Find 3 Articles Pertaining To Childhood Obesity Using The Following Databases Academic Search Premier Discovery LexisNexis Academic And Or Opposing Viewpoints In Context

· Final Practical Exam, Part 4: Annotated Bibliography (ClickHere To Submit Into BB And To View the Rubric For This Test)

Please complete the following:

1. Find 3 articlespertaining to Childhood Obesity using the following databases: Academic SearchPremier, Discovery, LexisNexis Academic and/or Opposing Viewpoints in Context.

2. Create an annotatedbibliography about Childhood Obesity using the articles you selected from thedatabases listed above. 

3. Your annotatedbibliography can either be a summary or assessment  (3 to 5 completesentences) for each of the 3 articles you’ve selected.  You must write theannotation on your own. You will get a “0” if you copy and paste thesummary from the library’s databases and submit that as your own.

4. Your annotatedbibliography must be formatted to the MLA format as discussed in class.

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