Fiscal Managment

400–600 words


Established in 1977, Krona Community Hospital is a 60-bed, acute carehospital located in the heart of Banconota County. With a staff of nearly 100physicians and specialists, 400 employees and 75 volunteers, they offer a fullrange of health care services. They are accredited by The Joint Commission.

Nouveau Health, a private, not-for-profit health care chain, took overmanagement Krona Hospital. Last year, state officials began to discussNouveau’s proposal to build a new, replacement hospital in Banconota County.The new facility would have 74 acute care beds, four observation rooms, foursurgical operating rooms, one c-section room, a 24-hour emergency department, amaternity center, an intensive care unit, and an extensive outpatient centerthat will provide service such as diabetes treatment, physical therapy, speechpathology, and so forth.

You are a staff member in the finance department at Nouveau Health, whosesole responsibility is to advance the success of the organization throughassisting in planning, forecasting, and finance management.

Health care organizations obtainrevenues through multiple funding sources. Unlike consumer products, healthcare organizations do not rely on the consumers of their services as theprimary sources of revenue.

Complete the following:

  • Identify and discuss 2 sources of revenue that mayassist you in the financial forecasting for the organization.
  • Identify and discuss 2 reimbursement methods that theorganization may utilize, and explain what risk those methods may or maynot bring to the organization.

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