Fix My Essay About Romeo And Juliet And Resume And Cover Letter English Homework Help

fix my essay 

The romeo and Juliet essay needs to be more focused. Each paragraph should focus on one aspect of the play that goes toward showing the theme of love. You have squished a few different examples into your paragraphs and it’s confusing. Choose a few of the best instances of how love plays a role in the play and deal with them (and their quotes that back them up) in their own paragraphs. I also saw a lot of repetition of the same theme. Don’t keep saying the same thing but in different ways. Say it once, explain it, and then move on.

The only issues I can see with your resume and cover letter is that your cover letter needs to be broken out into paragraphs. Also, make sure your grammar reads clearly…I found some mistakes that will need to be remedied. You might want to go into a tiny bit more detail as to how your previous job experience will help you in the job for which you are applying. You are definitely on the right track here!

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