Foundations Of Marketing Review And Reflect Help

Foundations of Marketing

Review and Reflect

Now that you’ve learned so many new things about marketing, this week’s discussion is an opportunity to review and reflect on the concepts and lessons covered in the past eight weeks.

  • What were the three most important things you learned?
  • Which lesson was the most difficult to understand?
  • Has your perception of marketing and its role changed since you have begun this course why or why not?
  • Do you have any thoughts on how you might apply these lessons in the future? Thanks for being a great class!

Note:  This is just a review and reflect, just need 150 words more or less.  Themes of class where:  

1. Developing and managing products

2. Distribution decisions

3. Promotion and communication strategies

4. Pricingf

5. Consumer behavior

6. Ethics

Please be sure to send an original work so I won’t be accused of plagiarism.  Thanks

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