Four Different Statuses That You Hold In Society Status Analysis Powerpoint Presentation Help

Status Analysis

When you think about the statuses that you hold in society, does your place within a family figure in as a major part of your self-concept? For some people, being a parent, a son or daughter, or even a grandparent, is the master status that defines who they are and around which they build the rest of their lives, and they devote much of their energies to playing the role that goes with that status. However, this is not true for everyone. Some people view their career title or their life as a student as their master status. Others see their volunteerism in the community as the status that defines them. But whatever the master status, everyone plays out the roles for a number of statuses in even the simplest of lives. For this Unit 8 Assignment, you are to spend time reflecting on the statuses that you hold right now in your life.

Create a PowerPoint Presentation that demonstrates at least four different statuses that you hold in society. Designate one status as the master status.

Use “selfie” photographs to illustrate yourself playing the role associated with each of these statuses. Consult theProfessional Photojournalist Protocol documentfor guidelines on taking photographs for this Assignment.

The presentation should have at least 6 slides.

Slide 1 is a title slide with your name, the course name, the Assignment title and the date.

Slides 2–5 include pictures of you playing the role of four different statuses in your life (i.e., parent, student, pet owner, employee, good neighbor, community volunteer, patriot, etc.). One of these statuses must be identified as your master status. You are encouraged to use photos that you take of yourself in a natural setting.

Slides 2–5 use the Notes section under the slide to explain the status being depicted and briefly describes how you play the role in that status. (i.e., “This is me clowning around with my daughter in my master status as father.”)

Slide 6 gives a bulleted summary of the presentation, including a restatement of the master status.

No outside resources are required for this Assignment, but if you do consult any references, add a 7th slide to list them in APA format.

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