Four Methods Of Speech Preparations Assignment Help

Write a 700- to 1,050 word reflection on speechpreparation related to the following topics. Do not use a Q&Aformat. Instead write an opening paragraph that broadly discusss theimportance of preparing before giving a speech.  After the discussingthe issues shown below, wrap up what you learned in a concludingparagraph.  If you use outside material, be sure to cite and referenceit.  

  • Presentation methods
  • What are the differences between the four methods for delivering oral presentations?
  • When would it be appropriate to use each presentation method?
  • Informative presentations
  • What is an informative presentation?
  • Whatare the differences between speeches of description, explanation, anddemonstration? How does each differ in organization and content?
  • Audience analysis
  • Why is it important to consider your audience when creating a presentation?
  • How does knowing your audience determine the way you deliver a presentation on a selected topic?
  • Speech preparation
  • Whatis the value in preparing for your speech or presentation byconsidering how you will present, the type of presentation, and youraudience?

Format your reflection consistent with APA guidelines, including a correctly formatted cover sheet.

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