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Please answer the questions on both templates. The assignment and videos are attached.


Assignment: Product and Distribution (or Place)

There are 2 parts to this Assignment:

Part 1 concerns New Product Development at GaGa’s:

New products have a purpose in the marketplace, which is to maintain growth and profitability and to replace outdated products in the marketplace. In this Assignment, you will learn how Jim King and his wife decided to create the company GaGa’s Inc. using the product Sherbetter, a frozen desert product line. GaGa’s quickly expanded the product line from just Lemon to several other flavors as well as Sherbetter bars. In the video on how GaGa’s Inc. engaged in the new product development process, you will learn about the struggles of branding, line extensions, and other aspects of marketing a new product in the frozen dessert market (Lamb et al., 2014).

Part 2 concerns Distribution or Place at New Balance® Hubway:

New Balance® Hubway is a bike sharing system in the Boston area that uses automated stations to provide a bike service to people looking to go short distances. In this clip, New Balance Hubway employees discuss how the retailing model works for Hubway, and how the difference between brick and mortar and e-business models allowed them to succeed in the Boston area. Execute the Assignment to demonstrate your understanding of the distribution component of the marketing mix (Lamb et al., 2014).

For both parts you will:

1. Watch a video:

Part 1: ©GaGa’s Inc.

Part 2: New Balance® Hubway

2. Using research from Chapter 11 (Part 1) and Chapters 13 and 14 (Part 2) in your textbook, answer the questions on GaGa’s Inc. and Hubway in the 2 templates below:

Template 1

Template 2 Unit 8 Assignment:

Product and Distribution

Percent possible

Points possible

Points Earned


Content per Checklists



Answer provides complete information demonstrating analysis and critical thinking in response to the template items.


Part 1: Properly answered the Product Development at GaGa’s


Part 2: Properly answered the questions for the New Balance Hubway case





Provides a complete response in the template provided using correct grammar, spelling.




Total Points possible

Your Assignment Score:



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