Gather A Minimum Of Five Peer Reviewed Scholarly Sources On The Topic You Selected Final Paper

You have already selected your topic from the list below in Week Three of the course to complete an annotated bibliography. These sources should inform your thinking and assist you in making a conclusion regarding the “truth” (i.e., scientific validity) of a commonly held belief. You must continue with your selected topic unless you have received permission from your instructor otherwise.  Click here for the various topic options that are available.

  • To begin, gather a minimum of five peer-reviewed, scholarly sources on the topic you selected.  Much of this was completed in the Week 3 Annotated Bibliography, but you will likely find gaps in your information as you begin to write and need to locate more material to fully inform your thinking.  Visit the Ashford Library to obtain your scholarly articles.
  • As you read each article, make notes about what you have read and what it means to you, as well as how it supports your topic, in order to assist you in the process of writing. Click here for additional information on how to successfully summarize information from an article.   
  • After you have read and considered these sources, write a paper in which you summarize psychological theory and research that is pertinent to this topic.  The paper should appraise the evidence contained within your articles, supporting and/or contradicting the statement you have chosen to examine.  Your task is to distinguish whether or not this commonly held belief accurately represents psychological knowledge of the topic and discuss your conclusions.
    • If theory and research in psychology suggest that the statement is false (i.e., it is instead bubba or pop psychology), infer an alternative truth based on the literature.
    • If the theory and research in psychology suggest that the statement is true, point out how the research supports the statement.
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