Global HRM\Human Resources Management

Case Assignment

After you have read about the Heidelberg BAT factory in Chapter 15 of the Bluen book, please respond to the following:

Create a visual that shows five of the most important globalization issues specific to this employer and rank them in importance to their business success. Your visual can be a chart, a flyer, or a drawing,

Then discuss in detail the top (#1) and bottom globalization issues (#5) and explain why you ranked them as you did.

Finally, look up the company/industry in each of the following:
a. IBISWorld (under library search box on TLC page, click “Additional Library Resources,” then click IBISWorld and search by company or industry).
b. Company’s website
c. Locate two high-quality articles related to globalization at this company (peer-reviewed high-quality references are found in the online library).

Review what you have learned from your research in a-c above, especially as it updates the case information in Bluen’s book. Bring in information from Chapter 2 of the Bluen book, too.

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