Health and Wellness


As you are reading the source, please consider the following:
How will you synthesize and present the content of the source to share?
What do you want your group members to know, and what do they need to know?
How will you share the information so that the content is clear and concise?
































Health and Wellness

Firstly I will highlight the critical points in the information presented. It is of paramount importance to understand the author’s objective and perspective. It is crucial to decipher the critical points from the side points to ensure a proper understanding of the main objective. On this note, I will read the article twice, make bullet points to identify the key points, and then make simple notes that I will use for the presentation. Secondly, I will gather as much information as possible about the audience’s knowledge and understanding of the various ways to nurture self-care and maintain health. Following this, I will easily present the information in a tone that connects with the audience in order to deliver the core message.

The main objective of this presentation is to educate my audience about the various ways to nurture yourself and cultivate health.  Self-care is imperative for maintaining healthy, balanced lives. Practicing self-care can reduce burnout, stress, and other psychological problems that we experience daily in our lives. The main take-home point for my audience is to embrace the journey of self-care mindfulness through getting enough sleep, eating a well-balanced diet, physical exercise, exercising gratitude, being kind, and taking time off social media (Jessica).

I will share the insights and information gained through an interactive power presentation. Throughout the performance, I will abide by the 10 20 30 rule to keep the slide informative, concise, and straightforward. The slides will contain simple language that is comprehensible by the target audience. There will be a smooth and consistent transition to reduce glitches and mishaps during the presentation. Also, I will make use of bright and exciting graphics and visual images to captivate the audience.

Works Cited

Jessica, Espinoza. 5 Ways to Nurture yourself and Cultivate Health. 2017. <>.




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