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When responding to the posts of your peers, please address the following:

  • Whatreactions do you have to the ideas they presented? Include examplesfrom the course readings or your own experience to support yourperspective, and raise questions to continue the dialogue.
  • How did their post influence your thinking?
  • How can you use the information presented in your peer’s post?

Response #2

Define the terms publichealth and health promotion.

Public Health promotes and protects the health ofpeople and communities.

Health Promotion is the process of empoweringindividuals to have better control and management in improving their health.

What are thesimilarities and differences between the two?

Health promotion is an important component of public healthpractice. Public health focuses on reducing the occurrence of illnesses. Healthpromotion focuses on improving health and health behaviors.

What specific healthpromotion activity was provided in your community during the past one year andwhat was the beneficial results?

My hometown of Florence is implementing a variety of changesto improve healthy living. One battle being fought is against tobacco abusewhich is the leading preventable cause of death and disease in the state ofSouth Carolina. Florence county has developed a comprehensive public awarenessinitiative that educates residents about the health risk associated withtobacco use and exposure to second hand smoke (“Community Profile”, n.d.). Byworking with all five school districts within the county, four school districtshave adopted tobacco-free policies with over 20,000 students, faculty and staffbreathing easier with no exposure to second hand smoke in schools or schoolcampuses.

How did Healthy People2020 develop and what is the purpose and goals of this program?

Established in 1979, Healthy People is a national healthpromotion program designed to improve the health of all Americans. Under thecontrol of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Healthy People2020 is the result of a multifaceted process that displays participation fromvarious individuals and organizations with over 1200 objectives with many ofthese objectives focusing on interventions that were designed to decrease oreradicate illness, disability, and health disparities while improving access toquality health care and strengthening public health services.

What current legislationhas had the maximum impact on the way health care is provided? What interest group(s) influenced the establishmentof this legislation?

Health care regulations are designed and implemented by alllevels of government as well as by private organizations. The primary nationalhealth agency is the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Founded in1980 during President Jimmy Carter Administration HHS is the department mostimmersed with citizens’ health concerns. The Centers for Medicare and MedicaidServices (CMS) is a federal agency within the Department of Health and HumanServices that is responsible for ensuring compliance to the Health Insurance Portabilityand Accountability Act (HIPPA). CMS ensures that the care being provided byhealth care clinicians and facilities is secure and efficient for allindividuals who access the healthcare system. The Joint Commission on Accreditationof Health Care Organizations (JACHO) operates to certify that health care organizationsprovide quality care. JACHO is an organization formed from individuals from theprivate medical sector to establish and maintain standards and quality inmedical facilities around the country. Though JACHO lacks official governmentsanction, its policies have had a real impact on the medical field (“The JointCommission”, n.d.).

Mention a health carepromotion or wellness program that, according to you, had the greatest impacton the people of the U.S. in the last three years.

The American Lung Association is the leading organizationfocused on saving lives through improved lung health and preventing lungdisease through research, education and advocacy. Tobacco smoke accounts forover 480,000 deaths per year (“Stop Smoking”, n.d.). State tobacco prevention andcessation programs focus on eliminating the use of tobacco products forchildren and adults. These programs run ads to block tobacco industriesmessages designed to lure adolescents and young adults to start smoking. Theyalso provide community programs that help stop the use of tobacco products forits citizens. Enforced smoke free laws aid in protecting the public from toxicpollutants from tobacco smoke that can lead to lung cancer and heart disease.The chances of a person quitting tobacco use is greatly increased ifmedications and counseling is provided to them through these programs.


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