Hills Like White Elephants Or A Rose For Emily Short Story Essay Help

This week you need to submit Essay 2, the Short Story Essay.Choose either “Hills Like White Elephants” or “A Rose forEmily” to analyze. Using close reading techniques, develop an argumentativethesis for your analysis. Write a three-four-page paper that supports yourthesis. You are required to reference and use material from one secondarysource in this essay.  The essay should be formatted in MLA style, includea Works Cited page and an annotated bibliography. Specificinstructions for the annotated bibliography portion follow. At the end of theessay, provide a Writing ProcessSummation by responding tothe following questions. Due Sunday.

Writing Process Summation:

§  Why did you choose this story?

§  How did you arrive at your understanding andassertion about the poem?

§  What were the points you made in this essay?

§  How did you revise this?

§  What do you want your reader to see from youressay?

You are required to reference and discuss one secondary sourcein this essay. An annotated bibliography of this secondary source must beincluded in the essay rather than a Works Cited page. The essay should beformatted in MLA style and be 3-4 pages in length, not including the annotatedbibliography. Specific instructions for the annotated bibliography portionfollow.  See the Essay 2 Guidelines and Rubric and Essay 2: Additional Guidance formore information.

Annotated BibliographyFor Essay 2

An annotated bibliography must be added after the Works Citedpage. The annotated bibliography will consist of both your primary and yoursecondary source.

For the secondary source, search the library catalog (a link tolibrary resources is on the course home page), and find an article on the shortstory you are analyzing, or on the topic you are analyzing about that shortstory. Provide the MLA-formatted citation. Under that, give an annotation withthe following elements: 

§  Write a summary statement of the source,followed by an in-text, parenthetical citation (author’s name).

§  Give a statement of why the article is usefulin your analysis.

§  Finally, give a statement about why yourreader should trust that this is an academically credible source.

The annotation for the primary source (the short story) may justbe a statement that it is the primary source for this paper (Faulkner) or(Hemingway). The list of citations must in alphabetical order, according to theauthors’ last names. Ex. Hemingway then Massman or Abrams then Faulkner. 

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