Hotel Industry Social Science Homework Help

This course project is designed for you to learn more about the
lodging industry while having some fun at the same time. Your assignment is to
design and to develop your own hotel. The following criteria needs to be

Will you select a hotel franchise (brand) yes or no / why or why not? 
How many rooms will your hotel have?

What will your hotel’s ADR be? 
Select an actual geographic location / market.

  1. Decide what type of operating segment your hotel will
      operate under.
  2. Develop the hotel’s departments that will support the
      operations of the hotel.
  3. Select specific amenities that will help distinguish
      your hotel’s brand.
  4. What type of management organization will your hotel
  5. What type of security features will your hotel have?
  6. Evaluate your actual competition (strengths and
  7. Establish a target market.
  8. Establish a marketing plan for how you will attract the
      target market.
  9. What are some of the current opportunities and issues
      that your geographic market possesses?
  10. How will you turn a profit after several years in

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