How did COVID-19 alter the use of online dating applications

How did COVID-19 alter the use of online dating applications


Branching Paths: COVID-19 effects on Online Dating

The research explores the paradigm shift in online dating since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Coronavirus has rapidly transformed society.  This research will inform millennials’ path to reposition them back in the dating scene. In today’s world of working from home, this research will showcase the different ways to integrate our social lives with daily activities. According to Nabity-Grover, Cheung, & Thatcher, 2020, online dating plays a pivotal role in social engagements and entertainment. In the wake of the ongoing pandemic, the Government has employed strict COVID-19 regulations that limit the movement of people to halt the spread of the virus. As a result majority of the people spend time alone. This impact has distinctly manifested in a wide cohort of young people whose social connections and relations have slowly declined. These rapid paradigm shifts can be dangerous for the youths’ mental health. Psychologically young adults between 16-30years require intimate and romantic ties to help them cope with different challenges as they grow.

According to a recently conducted survey, since the advent of the COVID -19, 80% of online dating participants have declined. Traditionally the number of people seeking emotional and physical intimacy has declined while those in need of emotional support have skyrocketed. Furthermore, the ongoing pandemic has scared away new users due to the fear of contracting the virus (Döring, 2020).

Understanding the impact of COVID-19 on the dating scene will provide insights into how modern society can create online platforms to communicate and interact with people while still abiding by the COVID-19 regulations. Furthermore, this research will better understand the mental care systems in place for young people seeking emotional and physical intimacy on online dating sites (Duan, & Zhu, 2020). Amidst the rising culture of millennialism lifestyle and the diverse sexual orientation, online dating has become engrained into society. With the continuous advancement in technology, there will be drastic changes in online dating sites that will fuel the growth and development of the industry.


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