How Do I Become The Leader I Want Or Need To Be Management Homework Help

As you begin your project, you will need to identify a specificleadership role you strive for (e.g., business owner, HR Manager, ITTeam Leader, Marketing Manager, etc.). Keep this specific leadershiprole in mind throughout every project section.

To begin your project, you will first need to conduct a littleresearch. Find at least 3 scholarly journal articles on the topic ofleadership, leadership theory, or leadership traits and behaviors.Based on your research, write a minimum 2 page paper and include thefollowing:

  • How do you define leadership; what does leadership mean to you?
  • Describe what you would expect of yourself as a leader.
  • Based on your research, what skills, traits, and behaviorsdo you feel are most important for a leader to possess and how dothey positively impact the organization?
  • What do you see yourself contributing as a leader and how doyou intend to make a positive impact on your employees and theorganization?
  • Remember to locate at least 3 scholarly journal articles.Integrate the sources into your paper by using in-text citationsfor quotations and paraphrasing. Include an APA formattedreference page and title page.

Your submitted assignment should be 4-6 pages and include correctspelling, punctuation, and grammar. Be sure to cite your sources per APAformatting.

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