How Do We Remember And Why Do We Forget 500 Word Essay Introduction To Psychology Chapter 5

How do we remember and why do we forget?

ok, it sounds like a song, but it is really your discussion question straight from the heart of chapter 5 (memory). As you grapple with the material in this chapter, please be guided by the following questions:

1. If a person is in an accident and has some sort of brain damage affecting memory, would it be possible to relearn previously learned information—and even learn it more quickly? Are there examples of this? Are memories ever really gone, or are they simply forgotten?

2. Should the criminal justice system put as much emphasis as it does on eyewitness testimony? What are some possible circumstances that could influence eyewitnesses to say they saw something they might not really have seen?

3. Have you ever walked into a room and could not remember why you went there? How do you retrieve that memory?

4. Why does it seem we remember more negative events than positive?

5. What would life be like if you did not remember?

due date: june 20.

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