How Do You Organize This Effort From The White House Federal Government Assignment

I want to focus on the cost real life dollar cost of doing this with areal numbers from other countries that this has worked for ( Israel,Brazil, China, Mexico, etc) have worked.  I will have to give a 5 to 7minute presentation on this………………………  You arepresident.  You have sent a proposal to Congress to pass legislationthat will establish a universal military draft.  Organize the ExecutiveBranch to get this proposal through Congress.  Please consider thefollowing questions as you write this paper:

What bases do you need to touch in Congress and in the public?

How do you organize this effort from the White House?

What committee chairs do you reach out to and how do you influence the work of Congress?

Will this work with our current selective service system and freedom of choice?

Military competing with companies for salary and benefits?

What events could make this valid?

Who will oppose you and how do you neutralize your opposition?

Is America ready to protect itself at all cost?

Be sure to carefully articulate your rationale for reinstating the draft.  I will need this is in the following format:

-word document

-twelve pitch

-double spaced

-at least 7 pages

-insert footnotes as needed

-additional page listing all sources

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