How Much Energy Is Required To Warm The Gallium Chemistry Homework Help

Gallium, Ga: 69.723 g/mole

Solid specific heat, Csolid 0.371 J/g C

Enthalpy of Fusion, 80.2 J/g

melting point temperature, Tmelt 29.76 C

Liquid specific heat, Cliquid 0.371 J/g C

Suppose you cast 20.0 g spoon out of pure Gallium, cool it to an initial temperature of 0.00 C and use it to stir a 250 mL cup of coffee that starts at a temperature of 95.00 C. Assume that the coffee has a heat capacity identical to water (4.184 J/g C) and a density of 1.00 g/mL

a) Assuming that the entire spoon is heated uniformly, how much energy is required to warm the Gallium to its melting point?

b) what is the temperature of the coffee after the Gallium has been warmed to its melting point?

c) how much energy is required to melt the Gallium after it has reached its melting point?

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