How The 20th Century Impacted Your Interviewee History Assignment Help

In this essay, I am giving you the opportunity to be a historian and use the legitimate historical resource that you created earlier this semester. That is the person who I interviewed.. The essay on my interview is listed below. Please use “Chicago Manual of Style” with presentation slides and notes.  Use the text book American Horizons second edition My oral interview is on 

Essay on How the 20th Century Impacted Your Interviewee

In no less than 550 words, use the textbook and the corresponding lectures (you must use both)to construct a larger paper addressing how some of the historical topics you discussed in your interview impacted your interviewee’s life.  In addition to the oral history interview you created, use the following sources to support your position:

– The presentation slides and notes

– The textbook

You must use both of the above sources in addition to your oral history, you must use them multiple times, and you must them in meaningful ways to get a high mark on this assignment. You are required to use the Chicago Manual of Style citation method for this paper, the system in which all citation methods are based, and used today by historians and scholars (which you have become through conducting the oral history!).  I have provided documents, a video, and an example essay to help assist you with using this format. This information is available in this module.

Good luck and looking forward to reading about how history has impacted your interviewee!

This is my interview that i conducted: written essay on it and it is orally on and the book is American Horizons second edition the way the 550 essay should be written is listed above.

Mario Tropea exemplifies the contribution of American immigrants

I recently conducted an interview on the subject of immigration with Mario Tropea who is 78 years old and of Italian descent. He was born on February 15, 1938 in the providence of Cantanzaro, Italy, which is in the Calabria region of the country. He is living proof that many immigrants who move to this country bring with them a work ethic and a will to succeed. He enjoyed his life in Italy, as he remembered good times enjoying special meals with family. He lived on a cobblestone street down a long alleyway up until the seventh grade. Then his parents decided to move to America to work and provide the family with the best opportunity to succeed, an opportunity that wasn’t in the foreseeable future in Italy. “I came to America with my mother and older brother in 1951 at the age of 13. We traveled here to join my father who had been living in the United States since World War II”, he said smiling. They landed at Ellis Island in New York City to begin their new life.

Mario told me that school here was challenging at first because, “…not knowing the English language deterred me but since I had a passion for success, I accomplished my goals.” They eventually moved to Philadelphia and Mario attended South Philadelphia High School where he began to learn how to read and write in English. By the time he transferred to St. John Neumann High School, he was more comfortable with the English language but still not entirely confident. After graduating from high school, Mario decided to go to a technical school to study HVAC, (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) “because I still was not 100% in tune with the English language.”

When he was 22 years old, he got married and had “five wonderful children along with 14 amazing grandchildren. My wonderful wife and I lived with my parents for two years, then decided to live on our own.” When they finally were settled in their new home, Mario’s wife asked the broker if he was hiring and that is when Mario started working part time in the real estate business. His work ethic and determination to succeed were evident as he worked both his refrigeration and real estate jobs while studying to get his real estate license. “I am now the owner and of eight different Keller Williams’ offices in the Philadelphia area”, he proudly stated.

When asked if he would do anything differently raising his family in Philadelphia, he responded, “I would not do anything different. Raising my children and grandchildren in Philadelphia was an amazing decision, showing them hard work does indeed pay off. I adapted very well to my new life in America.” He was so proud of his accomplishments and to be the president of eight real estate offices in a major city like Philadelphia is an incredible feat. Mario Tropea’s story is just one of many from immigrants all over the United States of America who have worked hard to build a better life for themselves and their family.

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