How You Use Assessment To Inform Your Classroom Instruction Powerpoint Presentation Help

Createa PowerPoint that explains how you use assessment to inform your classroom instruction. As you complete this PowerPoint, include both the ways you use assessment to inform instruction, and ways that you learned from this week’s readings and podcast. Develop this PowerPoint as if you would be presenting it to other teachers. Make sure that your PowerPoint follows the guidelines below:

  • Contains a minimum of 10 slides, excluding the Title Slide (first), and References slide (last) (so it should be 12 slides in total). 
  • Uses the best practices of PowerPoint slide design (visit this site to read 10 tips – 
  • Place all of the things that you would say as you’re presenting this to other teachers in the Notes section for each slide. 
  • Add both things that you currently do to inform instruction with assessments, and things that you’ve learned you can/should do.
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