Human Subject Research Is A Multi Disciplinary Concern Including Medical Legal Ethical Economic And Social Law And Medicine Help

Human subject research is a multi-disciplinary concern, including medical, legal, ethical, economic, and social.

Research legal theories of litigation. Then, using Microsoft Word, prepare a document that discusses the following:

  • Summarize the various theories of liability in clinical research. This section of your paper should be a minimum of one page.
  • Describe a case where a party sued for damages sustainedas a human subject in clinical research. You must find a case that isNOT described in your textbook, but you may use the Endnotes at the endof Chapter 11 as a starting point for your research. This section ofyour paper should be a minimum of one page.

Your response must be analytical and apply the law that you are learning.You will be assessed on the nature and scope of your research and the depth of analysis in your response.

Your completed assignment should be 2 page(s) in length and in APA format. Reference all sources.        

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