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Lighting Design and Research is an advanced course in lighting that allows examination of a specific topic of research that will be the basis of a design project. (make sure to use your own words here, not the words from the syllabus.)

The course objectives were to master the techniques of computer simulation in lighting design, obtain a good understanding of the current development in lighting design through research, obtain in-depth knowledge about a specific topic in lighting design through research and develop lighting strategies in a specific application area through a design project. (again, re-phrase this in your own words)

My project was to study lighting in a restaurant, which is important top restaurants today offer more than a delicious meal, they provide a complete dining experience. Food is the cornerstone of a restaurant, but the ambiance is just as important in attracting and keeping customers. Lighting, the key to creating ambiance, offers endless opportunities for artistry and design. (Please make sure this is your own words)

In showing project I created two different atmospheres. Lighting greatly impacts our moods throughout the day. In art therapy, light is associated with a person’s emotion , and therefore may affect one’s mental and physical state. Because people dislike  sitting in bright and direct light  in my project I focused lighting on the walls of the dining place, so that texture of the dining place is emphasized. I used reflected light  from crystal and  metal surfaces to make the space more impressive. An intimate and relaxed mood  was be obtained by decreasing the lighting levels, because of light is more pleasing, and thus can promote the mood (Arnheim, & Rudolf, 2010). By contrasting forms in a dark environment, I used lighting to create expression, because things that are illuminated seem to be the source of light rather than the recipients. thus this contrasting enables people to see the space in a differently. 

(This work needs to talk more about what you did in the project to create these mood elevating experiences that you are discussing, and less about the facts of how those things work. Again, I will emphasize that it is critical that you put the work in your own words and discuss what you did, and what you think about the work that you did. This essay is more about your part in the work than the description of the work itself. )

Now I understood how to create a space based on customers’  mood (complete)

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