IBM Watson Analytics Writing Homework Help

To complete this assignment, do the following:

1) Watch this video introducing you to IBM Watson Analytics:

2) Locate a data set (or create a mockup of one) suitable for use with Watson Analytics.

3)Create a free trial account to use Watson Analytics. Use the freeoption on this page: 

Youwill need to set up a trial account. If you would prefer not to useyour regular email address, you may wish to register a gmail or yahooaccount to use with Watson just for the purposes of this assignment.

4)Use Watson Analytics to evaluate your data set. Use all three features:Explore, Predict and Assemble. Prepare a brief Word document or PDFfile showing your examination of your data. Include descriptions of yourscreenshots so that the reader knows what you are presenting. Rememberthat to receive full credit, you must include all three Watson features.

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