Identify An Area Of Change In Your Organization Where You Are Currently Employed Or Were Recently Employed Assignment Help


  1. Identify an area of change in your organization where you are currently employed, or were recently employed.
  2. Write a brief summary about how that change is being implemented and any evidence-based practice or quality outcomes that are being measured.
  3. Use table 14.1 Eight Steps for Successful Change, on page 321, to compare how change was implemented within your workplace.

TABLE 14.1

1. Action                                                       “lets go” , “we need to change”

2. increase urgency                                      a group forms to guide the change and work together

3. build the guiding team                               the team develops the right vision and strategy for the change effort

4. communicate for “buy-in”                          people begin to see and accept the changes as worth while 

5. Empower action and remove barriers        people begin to change and behave differently

6. create short term waves                             momentum builds, fewer people resist the change

7. don’t let up                                                  the vision is fulfilled

8. make changes                                            new and winning behavior continues


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