Identify The Key Elements Within The Quote And To Explain How They Function And How They Relate To Each Other Reading Responses Help

i need you to write respond for what i attached by following my instruction exactly. 

1. Discussion Question

Ÿ Length: 1 sentence.

Ÿ This question will point to an aspect of the assigned reading that the student would like the class to examine.

2. Quote

Ÿ Length: 4-5 lines of text.

Ÿ The quote will derive from a section of the assigned reading that the student considers interesting, unusual or challenging.

Ÿ In choosing a quote, it is important to consider whether or not a passage is rich enough to enable sustained analysis.

Ÿ The quote should be presented as it appears within the primary text.

3. Analysis

Ÿ Length: 5-6 sentences.

Ÿ Thegoal of the analysis is to offer a clear, specific and detailedexplanation of what is being said within the quote, why it is being saidand, above all, how it is being said.

Ÿ The best way to do thisis to identify the key elements within the quote and to explain how theyfunction and how they relate to each other.

Ÿ Elements can bewords or short phrases. To identify how an element functions, you maywish to consider diction, imagery, sound or allusion.

Ÿ Todescribe how elements are related, it is important to consider thestructures that the author has used to relate them. Such structuresinclude clauses, lines, sentences, verses, speeches and paragraphs.

Ÿ All discussed elements should be quoted within the analysis. Paraphrase is not the same thing as quotation.

Ÿ Foranalysis to be effective, it must be thorough, detailed and specific.Broader points about the quote should all emerge from the discussion ofthe quote’s most important linguistic elements.

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