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 The US uses a body of law that seeks to govern the nation from having excessimmigrants. US have a large number of immigration laws that all aim at limitingthe number of immigrants living in the states (Johnson and Trujillo, 2011).Immigration laws have set policies that provide guidelines as to how manyimmigrants should allow to the country at what period. This paper will focus onone of the many immigration laws, immigration and nationality act of 1952 andhow it may affect special populations. It also justifies the immigration law byshowing its importance to the nation.

Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952

 This act was passed on June 27 the year 1952 but came into effect at a laterdate on December 24 of the same year. The immigration and law on nationalitywere designed so as to restrict immigration into the US. The act is also knownas McCarran-Walter Act provides governance to the country against immigration.It also governs the citizenship of the country for people already living in thenation. Also, the act was set with some provisions that include the abolishmentof racial restrictions, but later on the act was able to establish a preferencesystem that would determine which ethnic groups would be suitable as immigrants.Moreover, this act considered labor qualifications as an added advantage topotential immigrants and as such immigrants with unique skills would be allowedto be legal immigrants to the country.

Impact of the Law to Special Population

 The nationality act of 1952 governs the citizenship and immigration to the USand to accomplish its role it uses a preference system that selects theimmigrants welcomed to the country. This act affects different minority groupsas it tries its best to choose the most useful immigrants to the nation. Thisis because for one it discriminates mostly against populations with fewerskills in the labor sector. Moreover the fact that it favors people withskilled abilities may be a threat to the unskilled population already living inthe state where the law is applicable. Therefore citizens already in the USwhere this law is valid may be threatened by the abilities of the immigrantswho may work towards becoming more successful in the country.

Justification of the Law

 The United States creates opportunities for people to come to the nation forvarious reasons either permanently or temporary. One of these ways is by theuse of the immigration and nationality act that allows for immigrants withvaluable skills to come to the US (Loue and Sajatovic, 2012). The US makes useof this act to bring in qualified people as well as increase its labor sectorwith skilled personnel. As such, the country’s productivity increases from theeffort of the skilled immigrants who work towards accomplishing their goals.Therefore the US economy benefits from this immigration act as it can admitskilled immigrants and promote diversity through the same act.

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With this classbeing a special population class, I thought this article would be something foryou to examine with regards to how immigration laws might impact the bestinterests of the child or children. What are your thoughts?  Reference: Wolozin, B.(2016). DOING WHAT’S BEST: DETERMINING BEST INTERESTS FOR CHILDREN IMPACTED BYIMMIGRATION PROCEEDINGS. Drake Law Review64(1), 141-188.

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