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What are the most important elements of the Affordable Care Act in relation to community and public health? What is the role of the nurse in implementing this law?

In my opinion, I feel the most important elements to the community and public health are:

Ending the pre-existing clause, allowing people who have had disease in the past have coverage.  Having a big surgery or ongoing health issue can wipe out a family financially very quickly. Then what, no money, no insurance, no hope.

Ending the life-long limits, this goes with the above, we can’t stop treating someone because they went over the spending limit.

The Prevention and Public Health Fund that invests in keeping American health. It said $15 million started in 2010. This is in the form on community health centers to provide education, help and assistance to low income.  Although, education should be given to every patient, regardless of income status.

And of course providing insurance coverage to everyone, so no one has to be without health care.

By investing in our future with higher education we are helping with health care reform with improving the “supply and distribution” (ANA) There are grants available and loan forgiveness for those who qualify and want to become advanced practice nurses, nurse practitioners, mid-wives, etc.

Nurses also need to be aware of their role and scope of practice so they are better able to provide for their patients.

Nurses need to take an active role in their state to provide input with benchmarking, and governing boards. This helps determine regulation, and what is accessible to patients.  Nurses advocate for patients and their needs. This is in every realm of health care, from a clinic, to hospital all the way up to making laws and passing regulation at the state and national level.  Some law makers are only thinking money and nurses put the patient into the equation.

Nurses can also be a part of research to determine best practice, high quality care and patient safety for every patient without judgment.  Nurses, especially public health nurses are on the front lines of helping many navigate through getting the services they need. Nurses need to know what is available to them.

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