In Contract Law Do You Agree That Parties To A Contract Should Be Left Unrestrained Drafting Its Provisions Can The Law Be Allowed To Tilt In Favor Of One Party In A Contract E G Disadvantaged

In contract law, do you agree that parties to a contract should be left unrestrained drafting its provisions? Can the law be allowed to tilt in favor of one party in a contract (e.g. disadvantaged)?

For this topic, you are expected to analyze and draw a conclusion whether law can be a humanitarian instrument in contractual relations between persons (e.g. between individuals; individuals and corporations; and between corporations ). You should also consider whether Australian contract law adopt the principle of “fair-dealing.” Finally, you should be able to give at least two case law examples which could illustrate that law could yield favor to one of the contracting parties.

1500 words total including introduction and conclusion. also need citing and references.

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