In Each Of The Following Cases Identify The Ideals Or Ideals And Obligations That Are In Conflict Assignment Help

at least 1 page- 2 sources 

No Plagiarism 

In each of the following cases, identify the ideals, or ideals and obligations, that are in conflict.  Examine the action taken or proposed and decide whether it achieves the greater good (or lesser harm).

 Two weeks ago Arthur was hospitalized for a series of tests.  Yesterday the doctor called his wife in and explained that he has a fatal disease and has at most six months to live.  The doctor adds that, in his judgment, Arthur, would experience great difficulty coping with the truth.  Today, sensing that something is troubling his wife, Arthur guesses and probes, “You’re hiding something, aren’t you, Martha?  Is it about my tests? Am I going to die?”  She has never lied to him and cannot bring herself to lie now.  She tells him the truth.

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