In Strategic Planning What Is SWOT How Can This Information Be Used In The Strategic Planning Process Assignment

1.  Pick one of the items below.

· In Strategic Planning, what isSWOT?  How can this information be used in the Strategic Planning Process?

· Fully explain the factors thedetermine an organization’s perceived environmental uncertainty (PEU). How doesunderstanding these help establish an IT strategy?

· Why is it important tounderstand the organization’s past, present, and future state when establishingit’s IT strategy? What happens if one is missing?

· What is the value chain model?Provide a brief example of how it can be used in an organization.

· Why is it important tounderstand the organization’s culture? Explain methods for determining it.

· In your own words, explainscenario planning. How does it help with strategic planning? What are some ofits potential challenges?

· Why does strategic planningneed to be forward looking in its design and implementation? Why is itimportant for the strategy developers to be visionaries?

3-4 paragraphs answer with APAFormat.

2.  Please find the attachedassignment sheet.  You must complete both assignments.

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