In What Positive Ways Can The Lifestyle Change Affect An Individual Assignment Help

Research continually confirms that lifestyle changes can improve health. In this Discussion, you will address how changes in lifestyle can influence the illness-wellness continuum of an individual and a community.

Choose a type of lifestyle change (e.g., an environmental, occupational, or behavioral change) that can clearly alter the health of an individual, positively or negatively.

Review the two articles I attached that address lifestyle change, the type of lifestyle change I think these articles will support is behavioral change. The articles should allow you to draw evidence-based conclusions about the following questions:

  • In what positive ways can the lifestyle change affect an individual?
  • Are there any negative ways the change could affect an individual? If so, how?
  • Would this lifestyle change on the part of an individual have an impact on the greater community? If so, how?
  • How might these articles inform decisions or actions that you might take, or encourage others to take, in the future?

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