Initiative At The Federal Level Would Be Needed To Help The Town Of Haina Science Homework Help

list problems that might arise in trying to fix the pollution. Suchproblems might be technological, political, economic, or cultural.Thenread the posts of two or more people.

(I need someone to write about Haina. I have an example down below. Please write about the same topic in a different manner.)

“Initiative at the federal level would be needed to help the town ofHaina. This would require quarantining the nearby plant and maybe muchof the town. Lead removal is expensive and time consuming. Thetownspeople obviously cannot afford it. Quarantine would likely affect alot of people’s lively hood because it might force people to stopworking. But dying of such outrageous conditions is not worth it. LikeHaina, India’s arsenic contamination would have to be solved bylegislation or government intervention. The water would need to betreated in a large scale treatment system. This would cost thegovernment a significant amount of money. In the Brookfield case, thewaste would have to be removed and most likely burned. This would alsocost a quite a bit of money and also may drive people away from thearea.”

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