IT Infrastrucutre Company Plans To Deploy A Credit Sales System That Will Provide Service To Ten Large Population Centers Computer Science Assignment Homework Help


Relates to Chapter 3 (Data Transmission, Data Communication Fundamentals, The Internet)

A company plans to deploy a credit-sales system that will provide service to ten large population centers.  A database will be used to store user information and record credit transactions.  The IT department is considering two choices:

  1. A centralized database, where a single copy of the data is stored in one datacenter and used from all population centers.
  2. A replicated database, where one copy of the data is stored at multiple data centers (one in each population center) and all copies of the data are synchronized.

Be sure to watch the short youtube video about replicated databases as part of your research:

Create a 3 pages presentation for the next IT staff meeting that summarizes the pros and cons of each approach and recommends the one that should be deployed. 

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