IT Policy And Strategy IT Strategy For Global Company Travel International Writing Homework Help

Criteria to meet: Organization – strive forwell-developed paragraphs, smooth transitions between paragraphs, ideas focusedon a central theme. Development – strive for Ideas focused on a central theme,all ideas are clearly presented. Conventions – strive for no errors in sentencestructure (capitalization, grammar, presentation and general structure.) APAStyle – strive for correct cover page, in text citations, format and referencepage have no errors.

The Case Study shouldbe 10 well written pages (1-pagestrategic view) with 5 Professional References.

Note: References should containthe hyperlink also (when I click on the hyperlink I need to get the matter whateveryou have written in document).

Note: 10 pages’ theory will notinclude charts, Graphs, Reference page, Title page, Table of contents.

Note: The PPT has to be preparedbased on the document written. 

Note: Plagiarized document willnot be accepted.

The goal is to support the CaseStudy with Research

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