Java Programming Computer Science Homework Help (2)

  • Convert previous one to include an ArrayList, try/catch blocks, and a new exception class for error handling that you define. You will need to the use ‘throw’ in your program
  • Include an interface in the application that handles printing of output.
  • Replace the priority logic that will include multiple instances of the same priority (i.e. multiple priority #1, #2, etc.)
  • Support multiple quantities of an item (i.e. 2 loafs of bread)
  • Read/Write the shopping list to a file
  • Update your test plan, class diagram, and pseudo code to reflect the changes made.
    1. The test plan must include tests for the different types of error handling
  • Classes must now make sense, including the derived classes. No stub classes.

Program Processes:

  • Get the input from the user
    • Input shopping list
    • Multiple priorities #1, #2s etc.
    • Ask for the budget and call it bankAccount
    • Persons Name (no #’s in the name)
    • Ask for the quantity of an item (i.e. 3 qts of milk)
  • Display what was in the bank account before shopping
  • Display the list before shopping and after shopping
  • Display what was purchased
  • Display what is left in the bank account
  • Have an exit criteria clearly defined

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