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This is for a job interview I need the following question to be answered

this is the position: Task Manager and Advocate 

Monitor progress of cases in Aleph’s advocacy department and oversee work flow 

Advocate on behalf of men and women in prison. Communicate with government and prison officials. 

Lobby for each individual case and see cases through until completion. 

Maintain all updates in a database in an organized and clear way. 

Qualification and Skills: 

Great at communicating and maintaining relationship with people. 

Very familiar with computers and basic computer programs. 

A quick learner who is quick paced and can multi-task. 

Organized, thorough and takes initiative to see tasks through to completion


Monitor progress of cases in Aleph’s advocacy department and oversee work flow 

1)  What are your professional goals for the next 3-5 years ?

2.)  How does Aleph’s specific non-profit mission and work with the Jewish community interest you?

this is their mission statement: 

The Aleph Institute, founded in 1981 at the express direction of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, provides crucial financial, emotional and spiritual assistance to thousands of shattered families – helping them persevere through extraordinary crises – while providing support for their loved ones in prison and mental institutions. Aleph’s benevolent mandate also encompasses spiritual assistance to thousands of soldiers in the United States Armed Forces across the globe.

I need the following to be elaborated and well written.

I see myself within the next 3-5 years working for a organization helping the community where I will be able to to utilize my skills, experience and knowledge. After graduating with my Phd in Cognitive psych, having the proper knowledge to help my community. 

Background on me: I have worked for non profit over five years, also volunteered. It is my passion to give my to the community to help those in need. The following position interests me because of its mission to help the community to give back

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