Job Search and Methods

What tools/methods do you anticipate using in your job search following your graduation? Have you run into remarkably good or bad experiences you’d like to share? (If so, keep thing anonymous!) How prepared would you feel in pursuing a job opportunity that a friend told you about today?




Job Search and Methods

Job Tools and Methods


Linked in is one of the tools I plan on using in my job search. This platform offers knowledge and insights on how to land a job. Linked in has become a potent tool that can help you reach out to potential employees and also create electronic resumes. Having a Linked profile makes you visible to many companies and Industries in your line of work. Recently, Linked added a feature that “lets recruiters know you’re open” all you have to do is toggle the feature to show employees that you are open for job invitation (Telecom Toolbox, 2019).


To ensure maximum success in my job search, I plan to network with people in my area of study. I have already identified a few and look forward to involving them in my job search process. Through networking, I will be able to understand the job market, seek advice on the various applications methods and receive mentorship. I will also attend seminars, conferences to gain more insight into my career.


Recently as I was checking for job openings online, a man posing as Human resource officer for a particular company offered me an entry job. Still, he insisted I must pay a $100 application fee upfront to secure the position. Later on, when I visited the company, It came to my attention that he was a conman plying on jobseekers.

Job preparation

If a friend referred me to a job opportunity, I would feel confident pursuing it as I am open to the work environment. With the knowledge and skills attained, I feel ready to transition from school to the job market, and also my curriculum vitae is up to date. Additionally, my communication skills are excellent, and I can fit in perfectly with any team.


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