John Smith S Business Profile Unit 4 IP 2 Computer Science Homework Help

Read the scenario regarding John Smith’s Business profile. (see Scenario attachment)

Using the library, Internet, or any other resources as well as the operations strategy framework, explain how new additional services can be seamlessly integrated into Smith’s organization. Detail the steps required to move Smith from current state to your proposed future state. 

Include the following in your answer:

-Connection to the operations strategy framework (business direction, offerings, resources, discriminators, competitive analysis, performance, customer needs, and operational metrics)

-Provide a visual graphic (Word, PowerPoint or Visio) showing the current state for Smith’s organization from order to cash and your proposed future state. 

An example of a company or situation similar to Smith’s that has added and integrated additional service offerings the impact of their approach

1000-2000 words, APA format, 5 references.

Don’t forget where it mentions to include providing a visual graphic.

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