Joshua Runs A Cattle Breeding Business And Owes The LeBron Ranch 1 000 Joshua Agrees To Pay The LeBron A Percentage Of His Profits Each Month Until The Debt Is Paid This Agreement Is

I want you answer these questions?

1. Joshua runs a cattle breeding business and owes the LeBron Ranch$1,000.  Joshua agrees to pay the LeBrona percentage of his profits each month until the debt is paid.  This agreement is

A.  a delegation

B.  a partnership

C.  a delegation

D.  a shareholder

2. Cortina Corporation handles investment accounts for small to medium sizeemployers.  In most circumstances the lawwould prohibit Cortina from subjecting its employees to

A.  drug tests

B.  electronic monitoring

C.  lie-detector tests

D.  searches of their desks,filing cabinets, or officers

3. For the Age Discrimination to apply

A.  the age discrimination musthave been intentional

B.  the employee must be atleast 25 years old

C.  the age discriminationcannot be intentional

D.  the employee must be atleast 40 years old

4. Ralph is a director of Happy Days, Inc. Without telling Richard, Ralph goes into business with Sad Days, Inc.,in competition with Richard.  Ralph isliable for

A.  Breach of the duty ofloyalty

B.  Breach of the duty of dutyof care

C.  Violating the businessjudgment rule

D.  Indemnification of thecorporation

5. Ravenous Corporation wants to gain control of Meek Company.  The companies negotiate for several months,without coming to terms.  Ravenousdecides to pursue a takeover attempt. Meek decides to resist.  Meekissues its stockholders additional shares at a low price so as to makeRavenous’s takeover attempt prohibitively expensive.  This is a

A.  Poison pill

B.  Scorched earth tactic

C.  Pac-Man defense

D.  Crown jewel

6. Apple Corporation’s employment handbook states that employees will bedismissed only for good cause.  Jill, anemployee, is dismissed because her supervisor didn’t like her dress.  If Jill sues Apple, a court could hold that

A.  There is an implied contracton the terms in the manual

B.  There is no contract becauseTom doesn’t have a formal written agreement

C.  That Tom can file a TitleVII suit based on the protected class of being a bad dresser

D.  Tom was not qualifiedbecause he did not sign a written employment agreement

7. Jill is seventeen years old.  Jill

A.  Cannot work in a hazardousoccupation

B.  Cannot work during schoolhours

C.  Must obtain a permit to work

D.  None of the above

8. Cheap Things, Inc. employs 550 workers in six states.  Cheap Things, Inc. cannot discriminate in thehiring of employees for reasons of

A.  Height

B.  Educational background

C.  Union affiliation

D.  None of the above

9. Lisa works at Build-A-Bear at Mayfair mall.  She is the store manager and earns $35,000 ayear.  The maximum number of hours thatLisa can work per week without overtime pay is

A.  Thirty-five

B.  Fourty

C.  Sixty

D.  Unlimited

10. Cortina Asset Management wants to expand into London but they don’t havethe capital. The bank asks that one of their clients, Mr. X, guarantee the loanfor expansion.  Mr. X executes a guarantyof Cortina’s loan.  Mr. X is liable:

A.  For the entire amount of theloan, regardless of whether Cortina can pay

B.  For half of the loan andCortina the other half

C.  For the entire amount of theloan only after the bank tries to collect from Cortina

D.  Has no liability becausethese types of loans are illegal

11. Which of the following factors will the court consider when determiningwhether to pierce the corporate veil

A.  How many employees exist

B.  Whether the company is setup to make a profit

C.  Whether the owner also ownsother businesses

D.  Whether the owner influencesemployees in their day-to-day operations

12. Ron, an employee of Standard Company, is injured.  For Ron to receive workers compensation, theinjury must be

A.  Accidental and arise out ofa preexisting disease or condition

B.  Accidental and occur on thejob or in the course of employment

C.  Intentional and arise out ofa preexisting disease or condition

D.  Intentional and occur on thejob or in the course of employment

13. Mega Corporation provides health insurance for its employees.  When Mega closes one of its offices andterminates the employees, COBRA allows the employees

A.  to collect “severance pay”equal to twelve weeks’ of health insurance coverage

B.  continue their healthinsurance at Mega’s expense for 18 months

C.  continue their healthinsurance at their own expense for 18 months

D.  lose their health insuranceimmediately

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