Journalism Major

Interviewing Interviewers COM 351SCHER Purpose: To find out how expertsin different disciplines use the interview. Different disciplines usethe interview. Some techniques are very similar across disciplines,while other techniques do not apply. Your goal will be to get a betterunderstanding of how the interview is relevant to different endeavors.You should learn what works, and what doesn’t work within your chosendisciplines. You may do this assignment over email, phone, skype or inperson.  Each approach has their own positive and negative aspects. HowTo Do The Assignment. You will choose the discipline you want toinvestigate.You will find an expert. You will contact them. You will do ashort pre-interview with them to determine their relevance to theassignment, their interest and their availability. You will arrange foran interview.  You will be sure to tell them exactly what this is for,what you expect from them and how long it will take. If you are going torecord the interview, be sure to get their consent.Write up a focusstatement and purpose for the interview. (i.e. Focus: “Ms. X is anexpert in employment interviews. She often uses videos in herinterviews. I want to know why she feels these are a benefit to makingdecisions ) ( e.g. Purpose:” I want to succeed in getting a good job andneed to understand employment interviewing techniques. I am nervousaround cameras.”)Do research. Use our texts as a primary source. Readabout the field in other publications. Watch videos. Listen tointerviews. Learn about the field, the company or the department. Findout about the person. Write up citations for your research. 3 sourcesminimum to get the 3 points, but they should be valid and usefulsources.Write up your question set. 5-10 is a good number.For twoquestions, do more work. We are calling these super questions and theyhave their own template of you to follow. They are worth 4 points out ofthe total. Super Questions .docxWrite up your interview using thesample Interview Report as your template. Sample Interview Report forInterviewing.pdf.  The length of your written report should beapproximately 3 -5 pages. Write up a short conclusion, what did youlearn about the discipline and its use of the interview. Write up aself-critique. What did you do well, what could you have done better inconducting the interview?     If you are so inclined, you can recordthese interviews as audio or as video and edit them.  However, I willstill be expecting the rest of the written material. Write up yourpurpose for this assignment and have it at the top of the page of yourreport, include your prepared introduction (even you don’t use it in therecording), your written question set (including Superquestions,) yourconclusion and your self critique Write or produce as if for a magazine,a newspaper or multimedia programs. Include at least one picture.   Awell-written background/introduction/summary and conclusion do show howwell you have thought through the implications of your questions and theanswers you received.  A news story, an interview, any story really,is someone doing something for a reason. That can be your lead, orintroduction. The interview report to follow will go into detail anddepth, the how and why, based on that introduction. Remember,include 4-5 sentence paragraph of self critique. Assess yourperformance- what worked, what didn’t, did you create rapport? Did it gooff topic? Did it follow your plan? Did you like what you ended upwith? The Grading will break down this way. 2 for a clearly statedpurpose and focus.2 for a well-written, background section or lead andshort conclusion3 for research. Write up your research in the style of asimple bibliography. 3 sources minimum. 4 for pre-planned questions andinterview arc (which you will have written up and will turn in) (around10 questions will be a good number)4- for your two super-questions.4for your organized sections, ( or relevant edited audio or video) whichwill reveal your efforts at probing and bringing out details that revealthe story.1 for self-critique If we have time, we will havepresentations in class.  Choose your best segment, or edit a fewexchanges together:  Q and A from one part of the interview, followed byQ and A from another part, followed by Q and A from a third. Presentenough to adequately share the story you want to reveal. But Short. Yourpresentation should not be longer than 5-7 minutes.

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