Journalist Learns That A Company Is About To Buy A Large Tract Of City Land For A New Factory Writing Homework Help

a sentence for each:

1. A journalist learns that a company is about to buy a large tract of city land for a new factory. City officials ask the reporter to wait on publishing the article because a premature disclosure could wreck the deal or prompt speculators to buy adjoining property. What should the journalist do: publish the story or wait?

2. A company is seeking publicity for its products. So it offers an online journalist free merchandise to review them for the audience on the web. These are expensive products and there is no other way for the journalist’s website to obtain them. What should the journalist do?

3. A journalist learns that a celebrity has died and posts it on social media. The information seemed reliable, but is not true. What actions should the journalist take? Should the post be deleted? What else should happen?

4. Web statistics say that articles about weird news, celebrities and scandal get a lot of attention. This is good for business. How should journalists use this information to plan coverage?

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