Lead A BPI Team For K Mart Business Finance Assignment Homework Help

LA 2-1: From what you know from experience and course readings, imagine you were hired (for big bucks) to lead a BPI Team for K-Mart.

  • Identify 3 business objectives similar to those in Using Organizational Business Objectives to Guide a Process Improvement Program, that you might suggest to your BPI Team during the kick-off meeting.
  • For each objective, provide verb-led bullets below it as to why it is important to Kmart’s survival.

LA 2-2: Based on the 3 objectives you chose in LA2-1,

  • Identify 3 ways – with verb-led bullets below for yourreasons – you might gain stakeholder buy-in or support based on ideasgained from Best Practices for Socializing Business Process Improvement Initiatives


Tips on BMGT 411 Best Practice in Readable LA Formatting:

  • Those who use tables and verb-led bullets make your posts far more readable! THX!
    • ALL: Beware of long, rambling paragraphs – hard to read, esp. online. 
  • Consider verb-led bullets with relevant, key words over long sentences in paragraphs, like these:
    • Use verb-led bullets more – sentence structure less
      • Think: verb-object
    • Make words work hard – no extra words – just relevant ones!
      • Improve your readability in business
      • Practice – your biz writing will become very clear

BPI is Business Process Improvement

  • a systematic approach to optimize underlying ways of doing business for more efficient (effective)
  • OPTIMIZE MEANS: Add value or eliminate waste until the costs of doing so exceed the benefits!
  • To maximize sales will bring in extra sales that cost a firm more than the price they receive for the item
  • To optimize such sales is to sell only in situations where there are profitable sales
    • Unlikely: a Baltimore pizza shop delivering a pizza to Philadelphia – not optimal nor $-effective

Key benefits to business process improvement – BPI: 

  • Higher productivity by an empowered work force (if they are involved in the improvement)
  • Add value at least cost – often by efficiencies or re-use of data or processes
  • Eliminate waste of money, people, materials, time, and opportunities
  • BPI IDEAL: Do it cheaper, quicker, easier, safer, with a great deal more job and customer

NOTE WELL: Thereis a lot of material in Read / View this week. Let me help bysimplifying it – even standardizing it – a bit re the flow of BusinessProcess Improvement (BPI).

BPI Handbook Approach

Mind Tools BPI


1: Select process(es); establish  improvement objective


A1. Form the Right Team – sponsors, project lead,. process owners , users, others who are impacted

A2. Select Linked Processes  – that do not add value or contain errors or waste but impact one another (Week 1-3)

2: Organize the “right” team


B1. Sponsor Prioritize Success Factors – re costs, timing, quality (specs), ease-of use = performance expectations

B2. Facilitate Early Stakeholder Buy-In – process owners, users, others re insights / needs / participation (Weeks 2-3)

3: Flowchart current process

1. Map Process

C. Plot AS-IS Process – flowchart; “swim lanes” (Week 4)

2. Analyze Process

D. Assess AS-IS Root Causes of Errors / Waste = Talent / Equipment / Resources / Process (TERP) (Week 4)

4: Simplify process; make changes

3: Redesign Process

E. Create Improved TO-BE for Testing – Add value / eliminate errors and waste (Week 5)

5: Plan data collection; collect baseline data

4: Acquire Resources

F. Plan Testing Approach (Week 5)

6: Is the process stable?

7: Is the process capable?

11: Test the change

G. Conduct Positive & Negative Testing (Week 5)

8: Identify root causes for lack of capability

Best done in Step D above  (Week 4)

9: Plan to implement change

12: Is new process stable?

5: Implement / Communicate Change

H. Phase-in change and overcome resistance (Week 6)

10: Modify data collection

13: Did process improve?

14: Standardize process.

6: Review the Process

I. Monitor, Learn, and Adjust  (Weeks 7 -8)

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