Leadership Of Innovation And Change MBA Case Analysis Help

This is MBA Course – Organizational Development and Change/ 

 Leadership of Innovation and Change


Palmer, I., Dunford, R. & Buchanan, D. A. (2017). Managing Organizational Change (Third Ed.)  Boston: McGraw- Hill Irwin.  

1. Read the case first           (see file below)

2. Read the requirements    (see file below)    There is 12 questions need to do. 

3. Read the case outline       (see file below)

4. Follow the requirements and case outline, finish the 12 questions. 

This is a paper, not questions and answers.   2 pages required. 

Must write in APA format.

Original work. NO Plagiarism. It must be upload to the Turnitin website.

If you don’t follow the rules, I will withdraw it. 

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