Leadership Studies

For this assignment you will locate six photos online or take six photos. Each of the photos will support one of the value dimensions.
You will submit a photo that shows a connection to each of the following:
1. Human nature
2. Relationship to time
3. Relationship to environment
4. Relationship to others
5. Motivation and activity mode
6. Relationship to physical space

Copy the six images into a Word document. Label the photo with its corresponding value number. Under each photo, briefly describe how this image you selected or took yourself relates to the corresponding value number.

Images and Value Dimensions





Relationship with human nature

Figure 1 above represents imagery thinking, which is a crucial component of human nature. Thinking is a fundamental character of human beings, and in many instances, people create imaginary images. These images may be in the form of symbols and static or moving images.

Relationship with time

Figure 2 displays four crucial transitions of human life. These transitions take place with time. This image shows one crucial relationship with time, that is, the aging process of human beings.

Relationship with the environment

Figure 3 displays a person harvesting silage from a corn/maize farm. This image illustrates the dependence of humans and animals on the environment as a source of nutrition and livelihood. The environment provides important natural resources that support life.

Relationship with others

Figure 4 displays a family, which is the basic unit of society. A family consists of individuals who are related by birth, marriage or adoption and live together for a considerable period. These members relate often and depend on each other for protection, provision, and social interaction.

Motivated and activity mode

Figure 5 shows a person wearing artificial wings ready to fly from an elevated geographical space. This image is an illustration that the person is motivated and is ready to express the feeling through an activity. Flying to greater heights is associated with motivation.

Relationship with physical space

Figure 6 illustrates how humans relate to physical space. The image shows a group of people in a people’s park. In this place, people participate in various recreational activities relaxing and socializing. This image shows human activities are specific to the set-up of the physical spaces.



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