Learning Strategy Response Four Listening Styles Psychology Homework Help

The four listening styles listed on page 153 are action-oriented, time-oriented, people-oriented, and content-oriented. One situation in my place of work where I heard a conflict which was created by the difference in the listening styles was on a phone call with a customer. I was listening to a recording to grade it and I noticed that the patient was very content-oriented and the collector was very action and time oriented. The patient wanted to discuss in detail  about her account and the collector got very frustrated and was interrupting the patient before she could finish her questions which caused the call to last longer than what the collector was wanting to spend on the call. The patient eventually hung up with the collector. The main thing that I could offer for this collector is that instead of interrupting the patient while she was asking the question to get the call over, she should take the time to listen to the questions and then answer them after the patient is done speaking. If the collector would have done this then the patient wouldn’t have asked the questions multiple times. The news item that I have listened to this week was about the Priest in France whose had his throat slit before being shot by ISIS soldiers.

agree or disagree to this post in 3-4 sentences 

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