Lily Company Accounting Question Help

On January 1 of Year 1, Lily Company issuedbonds with a coupon rate of 7% and a face amount of $3,000. The bond interestpayments are made twice each year on June 30 and on December 31. The bondsmature in 12 years. The market interest rate for bonds with the same degree ofriskiness is 10% compounded semi-annually. On January 1 of Year 1,InvestorCompany purchased all of the Lily Company bonds when they were issued. InvestorCompany has classified this investment in bonds as a held-to-maturityinvestment. What is the total amount of interest revenue that Investor Companywill report in Year 1 in connection with this bond investment? Of course,Investor Company uses the effective interest amortization method. Note: Roundall of your calculations to the nearestpenny.

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