Linux Essay Questions 200 Words Each One APA Citation From A Scholarly Source Per Topic

200 words each. One APA citation from a scholarly source per topic.


Linux ps Command: ps command is used to list processes running on your Linux system. Provide five examples using the ps command.

Linux System Time: There are two methods of changing system time: date command and Network Time Protocol (NTP). Discuss the significant advantages using NTP has over manually setting time using date command.


Local Security Good Practices: Discuss in detail several effective local security practices to harden your Linux distribution.

Linux SSH: Discuss what is SSH and the advantages and disadvantages of using it on your Linux distribution. Also, discuss how to control ssh access and how you configure this service.


Lsof: Discuss how you would use the lsof command.  Provide some command examples.

Daylight Savings: As everyone knows Daylight Savings Time (DST) events second Sunday 2am in March and first Sunday 2am in November for the states that participate.  What can you do to verify your Linux distribution won’t have any issues?

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