List One Area In Your Life That Is Currently In Balance What Actions Do You Take To Maintain This Balance Week 2 Discussion 2 Help

Reflect: As an adult student, you juggle different responsibilities in life, such as your home, work, school, family, finances, and health. Your textbook states that long-term stress can harm mental or physical health and/or keep you from reaching your goals. Notice which areas in your own life are in balance and which seem to be out of balance. Reflect on the amount of stress that the out-of-balance areas cause. Consider ways to manage and minimize stress in your life to achieve balance.

Write: For this discussion, respond to the following:

  • List one area in your life that is currently in balance. What actions do you take to maintain this balance?
  • List one area in your life that is currently out of balance. Briefly explain why you feel this area is out of balance, and select a strategy you will use to restore this balance.
  • Explain how stress can result from not having balance in one’s life and describe at least two ways that will help minimize the stress.

Your initial post must be at least 250 words in length.

This discussion is asking you to do four things:

  • Read on stress.
  • Describe one area in your life that is currently in balance and discuss how you keep it in balance.
  • Describe one area in your life that is currently out of balance and explain why. Discuss one strategy you will use to improve this area.
  • Explore how stress results from life’s being out of balance and describe two ways that will minimize it.

Type a heading for each section above (e.g., In-Balance, Out-of-Balance), and then write the information under each heading in complete sentences. This helps the reader quickly identify each section and helps you know that you have covered all of the requirements for this post.


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