List The Steps A Business Must Take Into Consideration When Setting Up A Bid With The Federal Government Week 8 Dissussion Bus 330 Help

Week8 dissussion 1bus 330

Imagine that you are a small-businessowner. You are having a tough time with the bidding process; however, youbelieve you are close to securing your goal. You are always thinking one stepahead, so you are planning to protest any rejections. How would you approachthe process and to whom would you direct the protest? Be sure to use an exampleor scenario, and the related details and specifics to support your response

Part 2

· From the e-Activity, list the steps a business must take intoconsideration when setting up a bid with the federal government. Determine thesteps that an organization can skip and still have a strong bid. Support youranswer.

· Among the steps described in Part 1 of this discussion,determine at least three where avoiding mistakes is critical. Explain yourchoices. 

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