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Forthis assignment, write a report comparing your bankingcompany JP Morgan Chase Bank to a peer group of large banks. The largebanks are defined as institutions with more than $10 billion in totalassets.

Loan Portfolio Data

Visit JP Morgan Chase Bank Website and look for both corporate and small business services, lendingin particular. Read everything you can about the instruments offered toboth the large business and small business borrower. Note: If you do not know the URL, use a search engine of your choice to find it.


For your analysis consider the following questions:

  • What types of short-term credit does the lender offer the small business customer?
  • What types of long-term products are available for the small business customer?
  • Whattypes of short-term credit does the institution offer the corporatecustomer? What types of long-term products are available?
  • What types of loans does the lender offer individuals and families?
  • What types of short term loans does the lender offer individuals and families? What types of long-term products are available?
  • What do you see related to syndicated loans?

Usingthe chart function in Excel and data obtained from the bankingcompany’s balance sheet, create pie charts for at least two yearsillustrating the banking company’s loan portfolio. Pay attention to thefollowing questions:

  • Has the composition of the loan portfolio changed over time?
  • Can you make any inferences concerning credit risk and/or interest rate risk exposure?

Thenuse your pie charts to answer the question—How does the bank’s loanportfolio compare to other very large banks (peer group)?

Based on your information, analysis, and pie charts, write your report (including graphics).

Inferences for the Industry

Basedon the loan portfolio analysis for this company, and bank managementtheory, as covered in course readings and research, what strategies andrecommendations can you offer for managing loan portfolios and bankliquidity? Provide support your position from relevant sources.

The company that i have chosen is JP Morgan Chase Bank

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